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Custom Scholarship Essay Writing Tips

If you are seeking a scholarship, most likely, the potential sponsors will require you to submit a good scholarship essay for consideration.

How to write a good scholarship is not easy for many students since it is not a common essay writing exercise in elementary schools. 

Fortunately, you are with scholarship essay writing experts.

Read through for a thorough 8 step-by-step guide on how to write an excellent custom scholarship essay.

What is a scholarship essay?

A scholarship essay is defined as an essay that a student writes to request a sponsor to support their forthcoming schooling financially.

The applicant must convince the panelist that they are needy and they are focused to continue their education despite being needy.

How to write a scholarship essay is a challenge for first-time applicants. We help you to write winning scholarship essays.

Now, the real deal starts below.

Explanation of the 8 Step-by-Step scholarship essay Writing Tips

Step 1:  Understand the essay prompt

Scholarship sponsors always will give you a prompt to write an essay about. In most cases, it is a simple question on common knowledge.

Carefully read the scholarship essay prompt provided and understand what is required for you.

Step 2: Brainstorm and list the main points

Critically understand the interest of the scholarship panelist is. Come up with the main points that effectively address the prompt. Bear in mind that the panelists are always interested in who you are, rather than how you write.

Therefore, list points that portray your personal strength in skills and personality. Compare the points raised. If possible, combine points that almost mean the same to come up with very strong points.

Step 3: Draft a scholarship essay outline

A good scholarship essay has a logical flow. Arrange the points you have raised in step 2 above to have an order that will bring a structural flow of ideas.

Let one point leads to another in a manner that you will excite the panelist to believe you are exceptional.

Step 4: Write a good thesis statement

A thesis statement is a very important sentence in an essay meant for evaluation.

A scholarship essay is not an exception. You need to write a good thesis statement that will give a summary of the entire essay.

By reading the statement, the scholarship panelist should be able to tell whether your essay is of high quality.

They should as well tell whether you are likely to get admission or not. Visit how to write a thesis statement for a guide on how to write a good thesis statement.

Step 5: Write paragraphs to complete the essay

Now that you have the main scholarship essay ingredients, it is time to complete the essay. Write captivating paragraphs using the outline derived, thesis statement, and the list of points. Ensure that your paragraphs are short and comprehensive.

Step 6: Proofread the scholarship essay

Grammar. It is common to make a few grammatical mistakes while typing. The best scholarship essay is devoid of any grammatical errors.

Ensure the essay is well punctuated. We guarantee we will write you the best scholarship essays.

Plagiarism. Ensure that your essay is free from plagiarism. You may scan the essay using the anti-plagiarism software. We have the best plagiarism scanning software in the industry.

Step 7: Let a third party read the essay

A second opinion is always better. Give your essay to a knowledgeable person to go through. Ask them to identify any errors in grammar, sentence construction, and the content.

If possible, let them make comments in a word document format to track changes easily. Go through the comments to make sure they are sensible.

Step 8: Make final changes, if any.

After comments, rewrite the recommendations accurately. Again, proofread for grammar mistakes or any plagiarism that may have arisen due to the changes.

Re-read for the last time to make sure all is well. Save the file in a pdf format and upload it to the application portal.

Dos when writing a scholarship essay

  1. Stick to the prompt: ensure you only address the provided prompt despite having many on other points that prove who you are.
  2. Proofread: Do not forget to read and correct the essay. Errors are a sure way to fail.
  3. Be factual: give examples that you experienced yourself. Relying on other people’s experiences may contradict the purpose of the essay. A panelist may doubt your honesty if your scholarship essay looks exaggerated.
  4. Be clear and concise: Articulate your points are a comprehensive way. Ensure your statements are self-explanatory.

Don’ts when writing a scholarship essay

  1. Do not rush:  Take your time to get the points. A scholarship essay is a serious document to be written in a hurry. Remember you need to convince the scholarship panelist that you are the most qualified candidate for the award.
  2. Do not use jargon: Scholarship essay panelists are not interested in vocabulary. Their interest is your representation. Use simple words to present your ideas.
  3. Dwell on what is on a resume: In most cases, sponsors will require you to upload a scholarship essay alongside a resume. No need to repeat what is on a resume. Writing about other details widens the chances of qualifying.