Research Paper

How to Write a Research Paper Format

A research paper is an academic paper based on thorough research and critical thinking. A good research paper requires intensive exploration and analysis of different sources on a specific topic. Coming up with a research paper, therefore, requires experience in gathering information from both primary and secondary sources. Our research paper writers are professional in writing an original research paper.

9 Sections of Research Paper Outline

Research papers have a special outline, unlike many other academic papers. Note that this outline or format must be adhered to for a paper to qualify to become a research paper. Below are the parts that research paper outline chapters.

#1. Research Paper Abstract

Briefly highlight the research purpose, methodology procedure, and the research findings.

#2. Chapter 1: An introduction and thesis statement

Create a strong thesis statement at the end of the instruction paragraph. Find more details on how to write the best thesis statement here personal statement.

#3. Chapter 2: Literature Review

Reflect on the previous studies that other authors have been done on the same topic. Remember to mention the reliability of the studies and the missing gaps that require additional research. A good literature review must show the reason behind a new research.

#4. Chapter 3: Methodology

Present research methods you used in the study here. You should as well justify why the research method is the most appropriate for your study. As well, prove the relevance of the different methods of data collection employed. Methods of data analysis should be explained and proven here.

#5. Chapter 4: Results

Write your findings in this section. Present the results in headings as stated in the methodology section. Be brief when writing the results. No need to write an explanation at this point, just write the results. The table format is the most preferred.

#6. Chapter 5: Discussion

Literature review discussion is an analysis of the results or findings. Identify the trends and explain their possible cause based on the literature review. Explain any deviation from the expected trend. Ensure you mention the possible errors that might have led to the deviation.


Summarize your findings and the discussions to highlight the research outcome. Mention the challenges encountered that lead to a deviation.  A good research paper conclusion states whether further research is necessary and what such research should emphasize.

#8. References

Provide a bibliography of the sources used in the research. Remember to list the sources according to the reference style specified by the professor. Visit MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard sample essays to see the format of writing the reference page.

#9. Appendices

This section contains instruments that helped in carrying out the research. Common documents found here are questionnaires, survey results, statistical records, reports, and any other relevant item.

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