Personal Statement

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a piece of writing that highlights one’s qualifications, interests, and strengths when applying for an admission to an academic institution or seeking a candidature in a job vacancy.

Categories of personal statements

  1. General personal statement: This is statement allows the writer to choose what to write about. This type of personal statement is common in the application of the law and medical courses.
  2. Response personal statement: This statement requires the applicant to answer a specific pre-determined question. In this case, the panellists expect the applicant to respond to that specific question. It may be single or multiple questions.

What is the purpose of a good personal statement?

  1. Showcase what plan do you have in life
  2. Prove that your application is unique and worth consideration by the selecting panel
  3. It is an opportunity to showcase your personal abilities beyond academic qualification
  4. Prove your abilities beyond what is stated in your curriculum vitae

Tips for writing a good personal statement

  1. Put yourself into panellist’s shoes: Our able personal statement writers believe that the best way to know what to write about is to assume you among the selecting panel. The writer asks themselves if they were in the selecting panel, what would they want to see in the best personal statement. This is the basis of why we are the best personal statement writers in the market.
  2. Know what you want: A selecting panel would want to know if you can:
  • Work hard to achieve the set goals
  • Have a development plan
  • Work without major supervision
  • Understand what you want to achieve
  • Work hard to achieve personal and organizational goals

Don’ts when writing a personal statement

  1. Don’t dwell on your early childhood goals
  2. Narrate your all your experience since the admission panel has your CV.
  3. Do not use boastful language to express your qualification. For example,
Bad My mega experience in therapy in the family set-up makes me an indomitable student in your department.
Correct My experience in therapy, within our family, will make me a suitable student in your department.
  1. Do not use passive voice in your personal statement. For example:
Bad An underestimation on the length of the lecture was done.
Correct I underestimated the length of the lecture.
  1. Be confident and avoid coward statements
Bad I think medical set-up would be a better career path for me.
Correct Medical profession is the best career path for me.