How to pass Continuous Assessment Tests (cats)

Dear Students,

How to pass CATs and main exams is a challenge for many students. Research shows that 70% of the student fail main exams due to failure to prepare for CATs early. Besides, 90% of the students who prepare for CATs adequately, pass the main exams as well. Here are the main points that will ensure you pass your CATs. Ensure you:

  1. Study all class notes covered before the next lesson
  2. Complete all assignments left behind by your tutor and get the correct answer.
  3. Look for past papers and complete all questions covered in the previous topic.
  4. Go online and look for more examples on the topic covered.
  5. Finally, make short notes at the end of the topic.

By following the above steps, you will just need 30 minutes before a CAT to revise. Click HERE for help in essays, assignments, Research paperthesis, and much more.

Updated: November 15, 2018 — 8:02 am

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