Our Custom Writing Services

We offer all types of custom writing services to researchers, students, colleges, universities, and corporates.

Our consultancy is based on the prevailing academic rules and regulations that all accepted globally.

Below are five services that we offer:

1. Research and Data Collection

The primary mandate of the research team is to ensure that your essay is written from scratch, the best way to avoid plagiarism. With us, you are assured of original papers and no plagiarism. 

Our research team use both primary and secondary source of information while researching or during data collection. Therefore, we end up gathering factual information. 

We have a seasoned research team that is capable of doing any academic research. The team is composed of academicians in all major academic fields. For this reason,  we are able to serve every researcher or student no matter which course they are taking in college.

So, whether you are business, medicine, engineering, sociology student, we have experienced researchers and writers for you. Never worry. Try our services today and you will never regret. 

2. Writing from Scratch

Writing content from scratch is the most powerful techniques in successful custom writing. By so doing, you avoid plagiarism and write a unique and relevant essay based on the topic of interest. The result is an excellent grade for your paper. 

Since we have noted that we do a very comprehensive academic research, writing from scratch is not a challenge to our professional writers. Unless in case of custom papers that require editing or proofreading. 

So, when your professor is obsessed with writing from scratch, we are always available. You just need to visit our order page and make a request. Our professional writers and editors will serve you outrightly. 

3. Proofreading and Editing

We understand that academic life is quite busy. Thus, we know you may not have enough time to complete all assignments on time. It is, for this reason, we offer custom proofreading and editing services. 

So, if you had collected all data on an essay you are writing, you can approach us to proofread and edit your essay to perfection. 

Proofreading and editing in custom writing are vital for an excellent grade. Otherwise, your professor may end up penalizing marks from your total score. For graduate students, grammar and formatting mistakes can result in delayed graduation. 

Our proofreading and editing techniques entail:

  • Checking grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Shortening run-on sentences
  • Including topic sentences in each paragraph
  • Writing a relevant conclusion that summarizes the essay
  • Formatting your essay in the appropriate style (MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard). 
  • Writing speakers notes in case of slides or powerpoint presentation

Besides, we offer free plagiarism scans and correction for all custom papers we handle. 

4. Plagiarism Detection and Correction

Plagiarism is a writing vice globally. Penalties associated with plagiarized papers are punitive. in college and universities, it may be discontinuation, in online media, it could lead to blacklisting by search engines like Google and Yahoo among others. 

For the above reason, we are taking plagiarism avoidance with a lot of seriousness. How do we do it? Right, we have the most sophisticated plagiarism detection software in the world, better than what all universities in USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia use. 

Besides, we have a very experienced editorial team that goes through all essay our award-winning writers complete.  The team ensures that your paper is free from any form of plagiarism

If you have already written your essay and you have no access to plagiarism detection software, don’t worry. Just visit us and we will check and correct any plagiarism for you. 

5. Formatting and Citation

All universities have prefered citation for all papers.  APA,  MLA, Harvard, and Chicago are the most popular citations styles your professor will require you to write. 

A well formatted and cited essay must have both in-text citation and bibliography referencing. The format differs from one style to another. Any of our professional writers have all these styles in their finger-tips. 

Don’t worry whenever your professor asks you to write any of the citation styles. We are at your disposal. What you need to you specify citation style while placing an order. Then, sit and wait for the experts reference your essay to perfection. 

6. Revising Custom Papers

 This is the last service we offer but not the least. Yes, we do revise custom papers. You may wonder how and when do we do this.

After you submit an essay, your professor, after marking, may return it for revision. Don’t worry, just relax. In that case, you may ask us to revise the paper for you. There are two options as follows.

Free Revision:  If we are the one who had written the essay, we will revise the essay for free according to the professor’s comments. However, we have a revision policy that regulates how revisions are handled. Kindly read our policies to understand the revision policy.

Paid Revision: If we are not the one who had written the original essay, we will still revise your essay. However, we will charge you a small fee compared to writing the paper from scratch since the paper was already written. 

Therefore, we offer free revisions for all custom papers we write. 

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