Harvard Reference Guide

 Harvard Reference Guide

Harvard referencing style is commonly referred to as Chicago Manual Style (CMS). Harvard reference research papers. The current version in use is the manual 6th edition of 2010. Below are general Harvard citation guidelines:

[tab title=”Title Page”]

Title Page

Paper Title: Is written halfway title of the paper (in all capital letters).
Author: Written three downs below the paper title (in small letters)
Class Name: Four lines below the author is the class name
Professor’s Name: A line below the class Name.
School’s Name: A line below class prefossor’s name.
Location: City and state of the school
Date: A line after location

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Page header

Partial Title of the paper and page number flushed right.


     In-text and Reference Page General Format

[tabs] [tab title=”Book”]

In-text: In-text: (Author’sLastName, Year, p. PageNumber).<ln>
Reference Page:
Author’s LastName, FirstName Initial, Publication Year. Title of book (capitalized $ Italicized). City of Publication: Name of the Publisher.


[/tab][tab title=”Journal”] ► In-text: In-text: (Author’sLastName, Year, p. PageNumber).<ln>
Reference Page:
Author’s LastName, FirstNameInitial & Author’s Last Name (of second author), FirstName Initial, Publication Year. Article title (capitalized and without quotation marks). The Journal Title, Article Volume Number(Article Issue Number): pp.Pages. [/tab]

[tab title=”Website Sources”] ► In-text: (Author’sLastName, Year, p. PageNumber).
For Example: (Author1 and Author2, 2015, p. 35), (Author, 2016, p. 130).
Author’s LastName, FirstInitial, Publication Date. Web page title ( italicized and capitalized). [Online] (Updated date) Available at: [Accessed Access date here].[/tab] [/tabs]