Yes. We write footnotes and end-notes.

Category: Referencing

Any number of references you request us.

Category: Referencing

Every reference in the bibliography must be in the in-text reference, otherwise, it is not considered as a valid reference.

Category: Referencing

Yes. We ensure that we write in-text references for your paper.

Category: Referencing

APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago.

Category: Referencing

Placing Order

An order is a set of electronic instructions that define how we should write an essay for you. The instructions include the topic, subject, number of pages, number of references, citation styles, spacing, and any other specification you may need in your paper. All these specifications are available in the order form. You only need to select them or type a brief text. Click here to order an essay now

Category: Placing Order

No. You only apply for one order at a time. If you have more than one order, you will be able to apply for the second order.

Category: Placing Order


After clicking the submit button, you should get a message “Thank you for ordering.” Then you will receive an email notification showing your order details and payments.

Category: Payment

Contact our essay writing award-winning team for help through:

  1. Chat: Click the chat button at the bottom of the page. An agent will be with you shortly for help.
  2. Contact Us page: Navigate to the Contact Us page and submit your challenge.
  3. Email: Write us an email at info@upessays.com and you will be answered shortly.
Category: Payment

Yes. Through PayPal, you can pay for your essay using any of the world’s currencies including MasterCards, Visa Cards, and any other card

Category: Payment

Yes. A notification email will contain the amount that has been deducted from your account. Secondly, you can log in to your PayPal card and confirm the amount deducted.

Category: Payment

Click “Order Now” button in any page or visit “ORDER” HERE. Fill in your paper specifications by selecting the most appropriate features you need. Click the submit button. You will be directed to a secure PayPal page. You will then pay using your payment account or your credit card.

Category: Payment

Our Policies

Permission to use any content is permitted only by using the link associated with the individual page or posts. Failure to which, it will be termed as plagiarism and necessary measures will be taken to punish the victim.

Category: Our Policies

Avoiding Plagiarism

Yes, should the paper have a plagiarism of even 1%, we are always ready to revise. But, we assure you our writers and editors are professional to have plagiarism.

We mean it. Our essay writing content has zero plagiarism. Note, bibliography, and references do not constitute plagiarism.

After clicking submit button, you should get a message “Thank you for ordering.” Then you will receive an email notification showing your order details and payments.

Yes, after writing an original research paper, we scan every paper for software using Turnitin and other sophisticated software.

Writing from scratch refers to writing an essay paper from a comprehensive research in your words.

Our essay papers have 0% plagiarism through two key steps:

  • Writing from scratch: our professional essay writers write original papers from scratch.
  • Plagiarism Scan: We scan all submitted academic papers at TurnItIn scanner and another sophisticated checker.

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