APA Citation

APA Citation Guide

APA is an acronym for the American Psychological Association. ‘

APA is a referencing style commonly used to cite social sciences. The current version in use is the manual 6th edition of 2010.

Below are general guidelines for referencing:

  • APA Page header

  • APA Title Page

  • APA Citation Elements

Page header

This section is “running head” followed by “THE PAGE TITLE” in the capital, and page numbers flushed right.

Title Page:

Contains the title, author’s name, and the institution.

 Citation Elements: 

Authors, Date, Year of Publication, and Place of publication.

 Bibliography Referencing:

The exact format depends on the number of authors.

    • Book: General Format: Author, Initials (Year of Publication). The title of the book. Place of Publication: Publisher.
    • Journal: Author, Initials. (Date of publication). Article Title. Journal title (example: Journal of xxx), volume(issue number), page numbers.
    • WebpageAuthor, Initials. (Year created or revised). Title Page (Italicised). Retrieved URL

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