Annotated Bibliography

What is annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is an evaluation of each source used in research separately. The phrase is derived from two separate words; bibliography and annotation. Bibliography generally refers to the collection of sources that a writer uses in research. Annotation simply refers to giving a summary.

How to write an annotated bibliography

Writing annotated bibliography is a nightmare to many students. Many students are not aware of the format or the approach to summarize a source. How to write an annotated outline is a challenge too. Annotated bibliography format confuses many new students. It is for this reason that you need help from our professional annotated bibliography writers today. Below are some of the useful points to note.

Annotated Bibliography Outline

  1. Appearance: The annotation (summary of the source) is written just beneath the source. Write the source first then just below it, start writing the summary as the first paragraph.
  2. Indentation: indent the source to flash with the second sentence of the source. Remember sources are referenced using “hanging” style in a word document.
  3. No bibliography page: Since it is a summary of the sources, no bibliography page is required in annotated bibliography papers,
  4. Length: annotated bibliography should not be more than 150 words. Ensure that you capture all the relevant points within a single paragraph of 150 words.
  5. Number of Sentences: A good annotated bibliography has an average of two-to-four sentences per annotation. That is enough to guarantee 150 words and a single paragraph as mentioned above.
  6. Reference Style: Your professor will require you to write an annotated bibliography in a certain format. Be careful to write an APA annotated bibliography, MLA annotated bibliography or any other format as desired by your tutor. Ensure the bibliography is written in the desired style.
  7. Language: Use the third person when writing an annotated bibliography.
  8. Tense: A good annotated bibliography uses the present tense. Annotated bibliography example using present tense will be
  • “This article elaborates…”
  • “The author of this article talks about…”

Tips on how to write annotated bibliography components

There are two tasks required when writing an annotated bibliography; summary and evaluation. Below is an analysis on how to write each bearing in mind that a good annotated bibliography should be within 150 words.

a). Tips on writing annotated bibliography summary

This section should be between 2 to 4 sentences. Ask yourself the following questions and answer them:

  1. What is the book/article/site about?
  2. What are the main theme/arguments/ideas covered in this book?
  3. What are the main topics of this article/book?

b). Tips on evaluating a source in an annotated bibliography

  1. This section should be no more than two sentences
  2. Evaluation should answer the following questions
  • Is this bibliography a reliable source of the information on the topic covered?
  • Is the source objective or subjective in presenting the information?
  • What is the ultimate aim/theme of this source?