The 5-paragraph Essay Writing Guide

Introduction paragraph

It is the first paragraph of an essay. Our professional essay writers create a very captivating introduction to captures your professor’s attention to the latter. Once you we have captured your professor’s attention, you are destined to an A grade. Remember there are only three body paragraphs in this type of essay. Therefore, we start writing by breaking down your topic into three main arguments first. This paragraph also contains a thesis statement that provides the reader with a summary of the entire essay. The last sentence should transition to the body paragraphs easily.

First Body Paragraph

This is the beginning argument of the essay. The topic sentence of this sentence should connect with the introductory paragraph, a phenomenon called “reverse hook.” The paragraph should start elaborate thesis statement. Best essay writers recommend use strong points in this paragraph to continue capturing the attention of the professor. A good essay should have strong first paragraph.

 Second body paragraph

The second strongest argument of the topic goes here. Ensure to start the paragraph with a reverse hook that connect with the last sentence of paragraph one. Continue to elaborate argument with points that connect with thesis statement. Remember to include a transitional hook to connect to the last body paragraph of a 5-paragraph essay.

Third body paragraph

This is the last paragraph of a 5-paragraph essay. It contains the weakest argument in the essay. Examples and illustrations used here are the weakest based on the position taken in the thesis statement. Nevertheless, you should ensure the argument is clearly explained despite it being the weakest. Provide more examples if available to try to make the argument more relevant and convincing. A good essay writer provides a closing remark at the last sentence to signify that you are done with the arguments.

The conclusion paragraph

It is the fifth and the last paragraph. It contains the summary of the essay. In conclusion, remember to:

  • A brief reflection of the ideas contained in the introductory paragraph.
  • Restate the thesis statement contained in the first paragraph. However, ensure that the wording does not exactly resemble the thesis statement to avoid repetition.
  • Include the summary of the three main arguments presented in body paragraphs one, two, and three respectively.
  • Write a final statement in the last sentence to give an indication that the essay has come to an end.