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Our Writers and Custom Departments

1. Admission Writing

Admission writing is the road to join the most prestigious institutions in the world.

Our professional writers will write you a winning admission essaycollege admission essaypersonal statement, and scholarship essays.

2. Essay Writing. 

We have the best essay writers in the in the market today. Our writers are ready to help in writing your essay. 

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Types of Essays include expository essaysdescriptive essaysnarrative essays, and persuasive essays.

3. Thesis and Dissertation Writing. 

We have a dedicated team for writing a thesis and dissertations.  All writers in this department are PhD holders with over 5 years of experience in research and writing.

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4. Research Paper Writing

A research paper is unique writing in colleges and universities. We have a special team of writers specializing in writing research papers.

The team carries out actual field research in their specialization to identify the exact findings and result of the research paper in question.

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5. General Custom Writing

Any other type of academic paper fall under this category. This team is composed of writers from all types of academic disciplines.

Specialist in this category includes lab report writers, speechwriters, movie review writers, song review writers among others. Click to Order any custom paper now.

Formatting and Zero Plagiarism

1. APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard Citation Styles. You agree with us that correct formatting is very important in any academic writing. At Upessays Writers, we take essay formatting very seriously.

We use Purdue OWL for a referencing guide. It is worth noting most institution recommend Purdue OWL for referencing. Order any essays with a referencing style of your choice now.

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Our Simple Custom Writing Process

1. Place Order Carefully fill the Order Form. Ensure you select details that fully describe your paper.

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2. Submit Payments – Submit Payments by clicking “Submit” buttons in our Order Form You will be directed to a very secure PayPal to submit your payments.
3. We Assign Our Writer – We assign your order to a writer with over 5 years experience in academic writing immediately after your payments reflect in our systems. We will notify you we have received and assigned the order
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